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Six people with whom you should not stop traveling


If you plan a group trip, every person that goes with you will contribute something to make your trip unforgettable. There is nothing better than to take a trip with good company. Friends will always be willing to join us and, among all, create an insurmountable team.

There is always the lover of adventure, who knows all the routes, who likes to find out everything before starting the journey or the one that is carried away by the others.

Each one of them will contribute with his personality and qualities with the aim of that everything comes out perfect. How many traveling friends do you have to fit into the following categories?

1. The always ready Do you want to go to that trendy bar? Do you feel like jumping from the highest point of the city? Do you want to try that strange dish that you do not know what it is made of? For whatever idea you have, this person will always be there to tell you “come on” regardless of anything.

2. The Food Lover If it is food, this is the person you should listen to. It does not matter if it is in the market, in a street stall, in a luxury restaurant or in a “menu”, you know that it will be the work of finding out which are the unmissable dishes of the city that you are visiting and where you eat the best .

3. The obsessive of order For some the fun is in the unexpected, but this person finds it in the opposite. The planning of the trip, investigation of tours, search of hotel, organization of daily activities and even the indispensable in the luggage will always be in charge because he loves to have everything under control to dedicate itself to enjoy later.

4. The survivor You know that with him or her at your side you are sure: you will not lose, you will not starve, you will not be late to any place and you will have a good time. The survivor knows exactly what to do, what subway line you should take, how to get help on the street, and your head cool enough to react in case of an emergency.

5. The culturoso That going out to get drunk the day before is not a good plan for the culturoso, especially if the next day you have to get up early. This person has studied every iconic point of the city: museums, squares, bohemian neighborhoods, street art, fairs and exhibitions. You will not miss a single detail in your company.

6. The Saver Traveling on a low budget is no problem for this person. Over time, it has become the specialist in terms of saving: eating for less, getting cheaper tickets to tourist spots, the best route to go from place to place and avoiding taxis, etc. Your wallet will thank you for having it next.