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Ways to have a comfortable Travel


1. Do not use a lot of makeup if you wear makeup normally.Apply a little lip gloss and a colorless lip gloss on your eyelids (for that “natural glow”).
When you reach the end of your trip, you can tweak your makeup, but not too much, until you reach the comfort of a decent room with a good mirror and good lighting.

2-Sleep if you can. A little sleep on the road works wonders on how you look and feel when you reach your destination, so do what you can to get some sleep while traveling.

Even closing your eyes with a mask of eyes and meditating or doing nothing more than sitting in the dark can make you rest.

If there is a lot of noise or distractions to sleep, apart from putting earplugs and a mask on your eyes, stop fighting with your thoughts. If all you’re thinking is, “I can not sleep so much noise from the children in row 10A,” then you’ll concentrate on what bothers you and you will not sleep. Let it go and allow yourself to rest instead of punishing yourself for not sleeping perfectly.

If you can choose to travel in a car-bed on the train, you always prefer this. It is a better way to travel, you can sleep comfortably and rhythmically, and you will arrive fresher than with any other type of trip. In fact, traveling by train can be a really enjoyable experience!

If you travel in Europe by train, look for special offers for first class travel.

3-Take a bottle of water when you travel. This will keep you hydrated. In addition, it will seem that you really take care of yourself, which is a confidence builder.

Drink water while traveling instead of sugary drinks or alcohol. This will give you the hydration you need and will not leave you with too much momentary or dormant energy.

4. Eat healthily while traveling. For many, this means avoiding the food on the plane where you are going, so pack out whole foods for the trip. For the car, boat, train or bus, it is wise to get your own healthy food, since no one assures you that they stop in places where you find food on the road. However, if you plan the route in advance, you can check online for places to eat healthily and if you find them, see if they fit your itinerary. Some foods you can take with you are:

Sandwiches or wrapped with your favorite ingredients Fruit that will not spoil like apples, oranges and bananas Nuts and seeds A small salad in a container Carrot and celery sticks.

If you are traveling between states or borders, be aware that in some places quarantine regulations require that you throw away all food that has not been eaten. This depends on where you are traveling, so check it online for more details.

5.-Try to smile a lot, people will want to be near you if you do.