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Famous Eco Tourism Destinations

Ecological tourism is a visit to natural places that are not polluted nor artificially made. These places are there to enjoy the nature, wildlife, scenery and vegetation. There are not many Ecological tourists places that provide you with all ecological aspects.

Blue Mountain in Australia is considered to be one of the best ecological tourist areas because it gives you the place to enjoy the natural beauty, scenery, waterfalls and a fairy deep valley.

The next most amazing place is Amazon rain forest in Brazil, this place is inhabited by hundreds of species of animals, plants, amphibians’ etc. makes it an awesome place for nature lovers.

After these two places next best ecological place is Alaska, stunning views of the glaciers and the wildlife therein kayaakan offers a million charm of adventure there. There are various routes with beautiful views for those who love cycling and hiking. These things make the tourist to enjoy the place.

Palau is an archipelago country in Pacific Ocean. With the natural beauty that they are proud of, and the fact this place is a favorite destination for many. This country has an abundant marine life, forest and good vegetation.

Kenya is another next ecological tourism place which is famous for vast plains. There are around 50 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, which stretches from the Maasai Mara national park, until, nature reserve Kaka Mega. Kenya presents a relaxed atmosphere and a very comfortable environment to spend your vacation, and then there is no more appropriate term as a natural paradise.

These places are the most important ecological places where tourist can enjoy the nature and have a nice stay.