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Reasons for coming up with this Online Travel Guide


I am pleased to inform you about the beginning of operations of this site, thinking of people like you. This idea is born, with the intention of offering tourist services, where the user will not only find promotions of national and international destinations, at competitive prices, but also the opportunity to personalize their search, through booking engines available on the official website, which provide you with the necessary information quickly and safely, so that from the comfort of your site you can make your own packages based on hotels, flights, car rentals, tours and transfers, along the way. Mexican Republic and in some countries (limited options).

Who can use the search tool? Anyone, no matter where they are located, even abroad.

Forms of Payment: Credit card and cash.

The difference: Value added. We know that the demands of travelers are increasing, and they are often pleased not only by the quality of the service used at their destination, but also by the attention they receive from the moment they plan their trip to the follow-up of their comments, complaints or suggestions, after having returned, in order to optimize future uses and that will also serve to enrich the tourist notes, based on the experience of both the users and the staff of this company.

We also understand that not everyone has the possibility to connect to the Internet and therefore they should not be deprived of the alternatives that are exclusively obtained in the virtual world, so we offer a telephone line or direct visit for personal assistance (only in Puebla).

From time to time, raffles will be made in gratitude for giving us their confidence in thinking about a journey that is near or distant.

Although the official website is in rapid construction, we have launched a series of promotions, applicable momentarily to inhabitants of Mexico, through our profiles on social networks Twitter and Facebook. In that case, we thank you for having your membership, once you have been sent the invitation to belong to both groups and to use your gentiliza to contact us with other interested parties. Likewise, this route will allow us to keep them up to date with regard to news.

Personally, I can not pass on the recognition, to all those who with their words, advice, friendship and way of fighting, became an inspiration for this project to arise, showing today, its first steps in reality; especially God.


mistakes travelers make and how to avoid them


1. Do not investigate the culture of fate

Not in all countries the expressions or gestures mean the same thing. As a traveler you should also inform yourself of the appropriate way in which you should dress the tourist sites. It is not the same to visit a beach as a mosque. If you go to a destination with a culture and traditions quite different from those of your country of origin, do a little research and avoid embarrassing moments during your trip.

2. Changing money at the airport

It is normal to fall into this trap especially when it is believed that it is necessary to have cash in the local currency “immediately” without being sure that it will be used right away. The costs of exchanging currencies at airport stations are the highest. Generally, it is cheaper to withdraw money in large quantities from ATMs, as banks charge a fixed amount per transaction, regardless of the amount.

3. Failure to look at the date of your passport

For a large number of countries, your immigration status depends on your passport being valid for at least six months from the date of entry. If your passport expires in less than six months, calculate the time it takes to renew it before planning your trip. In addition, the mere fact of having a passport does not necessarily ensure entry to a place. Check if your destination requires a visa and avoid the unpleasant moment that a person in the company tells you that you can not board that flight because you do not have a visa.

4. Paying fines for ticket changes

Before you click “Buy” on the airline page, find out about the company’s policies regarding changes that the user wants to make regarding their trip. Some companies are flexible with certain things, others charge a small amount for changes or just the difference in fare to travel on a different date, and in some you do not even try it: it will be cheaper to buy a new ticket.

5. Not having copies of your important documents

Before traveling, make sure you have a copy of important documents on your cell phone or in your e-mail. Experiencing a loss or theft of luggage is something that can happen on any trip and without copies that help you streamline processes to recover your documents, everything will be more complicated. The main documents are: the passport, your ID and the vaccination certificates required to travel to certain destinations.

6. Do not notify your bank that you will leave the country

If you are going to make an international trip and plan to carry your cards, do not forget to notify your bank so that they do not emit alerts for the use of these in a different place and are blocked. The process to reactivate them can take from hours to days, and this can be very inconvenient if you depend on them to withdraw money during your trip.

7. Not being careful with your luggage

One of the easiest situations to prevent is having to pay excess baggage and even then, it is the most common that you see at the airport. The airlines are very clear as to the weight that the user is allowed, the number of pieces that can carry and the size of these. Information is always available on the airlines’ websites. Pack efficiently and respect these regulations to avoid unnecessarily paying money.

8. Have a very tight schedule

It is okay to want to cover most places of interest in a new destination and plan and book in advance some activities of your trip. However, it is not always possible to perform almost everything that is planned to the letter. Many times the conditions during the trip change and with them the plans. Keep in mind that flexibility is essential when traveling. Avoid paying or booking too many things and just do this with the most important and necessary ones, such as lodging and transportation tickets or activities that are quickly exhausted.

9. Do not think like a local

Not only this will make your experience unique and unforgettable, thinking like a local can save you a lot of money. Investigate places where you can eat the best typical food, find out how to take public transportation and share time with locals to better understand the culture and traditions of the place you visit.

10. Not being informed of roaming costs in time

We live in a globalized and highly connected world today, but even so, the costs of using your cell phone outside the country are very high. Check with your operator for international roaming costs, thank you very much before turning on your cell phone to notify your family or partner that you have landed, and pay a bribe for a text message.


25 interesting facts that will make you want to travel

1. Traveling can help improve your problem-solving skills.
2. One in eight jobs in the US depends on travel and tourism.

3. Taking a vacation can reduce your risk of heart disease.

4. Studies show that money spent on travel makes you happier than money spent on material goods.

5. The benefits of traveling are almost immediate. After just one or two days, 89% of people experience significant reductions in their stress levels.

6. It has been proven that traveling can help people suffering from depression.

7. Travel has been shown to be good for brain health.

8. Couples traveling together have reported a greater increase in feelings of intimacy.

9. Traveling makes you more creative.

10. Travel can also make you smarter.

11. France is the most visited country in the world.

12. And the most visited city in the world, according to data from 2013, is Bangkok.

13. Russia produces the most oxygen in the world.

14. Canada has the most lakes in the world.

15. Mongolia is the least densely populated place in the world. 16. Niger has the youngest population in any country.

17. Monaco is smaller than Central Park in New York.

18. 99% of Libya is deserted.

19. The US have the largest number of citizens behind bars.

20. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport is the busiest airport in the world.

21. One-third of the world’s airports are in the United States.

22. The San Alfonso del Mar complex in Chile has the largest swimming pool in the world.

23. The longest flight by plane is from Sydney to Dallas. It lasts approximately 16 hours and covers approximately 8,500 kilometers.

24. All the money that is thrown in the Fontana de Trevi of Rome is collected every night and donated to several charitable organizations.

25. The largest hotel in the world is the Izmailovo Hotel, in Russia. It can accommodate more than 7,500 people.