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Tourism Tips Online for the traveler


How many times have we thought to spend some time to get away from our daily environment or dream of a good vacation, but at the time of deciding, it is late and we finished doing the last minute procedures ?.

Probably if you have not lived them, surely some acquaintance will have told you about similar situations. Well it says the saying “do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today” and I assure you that if you take it into account, you will save bad times and unfortunate experience.

That is why I invite you to take into account, the following if you already have a travel plan in mind:-

First and fundamental: The documents in order. Check the validity of personal identification, passports and entry visas to other countries whose expiry does not coincide with the date of travel or stay. If it is a question of renewing or issuing for the first time, keep in mind that most of these procedures take time and money. This is one of the aspects that most displeases the passenger, when he does not consider it with planning.

-Find the information of flights, hotels and any other service, to book well in advance. It is more viable that the prices are much cheaper and the availability of services greater, because the rates are increasing as the days run and the quotas can be exhausted, even more so in the case of high season.

-Check that your amounts include all taxes. At the present times, usually if everything is covered, but there are some companies that show their rates broken down to the time to quote the quote and when you pay you realize that the amount is different with increased value. Likewise, check all the observations and notes about charges that may be additional. This is very important, especially when returning from your destination, when the economic resource is more limited, due to the expenses incurred during the stay.

-Know the details of your air route. Flight times, stopovers or transfers, seat designation, waiting time (if there are connections). Some airlines do not include food during their journeys. On the other hand, they do not require confirmation of the trip or return, however, they are available to verify such data, if the passenger wishes.

– Due to new areas and for the safety of travelers, it is forbidden to include in the bags and hand luggage the following items: sharp and sharp objects (scissors, eyebrows, razors, knives, nail clippers, razors, etc.), sports accessories, firearms, flammable liquids, aerosols, insecticides, building tools, cleaning substances, cigarettes and anything that could endanger the lives of passengers. As far as what is allowed, it is possible to come up with creams or body care products, antibacterial gel, makeup but weighing not more than 85 grams (3 ounces) in identifiable containers, all inserted in transparent bag with magic clasp. Baby milk can exceed 85 grams.

-A few airports have strict review measures to avoid incidents that have put at risk the guarantee of users. In the case of the United States and Puerto Rico, for example, bags, hand luggage, coats and shoes are scanned separately. To do this, take the forecasts and wear comfortable shoes as well as easy to remove, to expedite this process.

– In long-distance trips, we suggest carrying the necessary luggage to avoid inconvenience caused by excess baggage when we are carried away by the temptation of shopping in the area of visit or by weight.

– To reach an unknown site, always involves risks and we can be predisposed to diseases or accidents. In the present moment exists the well-known traveler’s insurance that covers specific amounts in case of this type of incidents, even loss of luggage. Ask your travel advisor about this service.

– Sometimes the waiting time between one air connection and another, can take hours and even days. Plan an additional expense in case you can also lose your transfer flight.

-In the lodging site, sometimes the accommodations of the beds in the rooms and view, are usually delivered, according to the availability of the place. Therefore we recommend you reconfirm the type of occupation you need, via telephone or written with your travel agent or hotel, before your arrival.

-Use of snacks and drinks in the minibar or refrigerator in the room, as well as bottled water and some personal hygiene accessories, are usually extra expenses, not included in the price of the accommodation.

-Breakfast, lunch (lunch) or dinner in hotel resutaurants, can be economically exorbitant. Check your arrival or before, which options can be solidarity to your pocket and with typical gastronomy of the area.

-Reserve a specific amount of money for the payment of tips, for porters, waiters and cleaning service. (Optional)

– Not all regions are the same and make available to the tourist the means of transport necessary to mobilize during their stay. It is important that you consider the possibility of renting a car, if the situation warrants it, as it may be more economical.

-If the trip is terrestrial and independent, study the routes in advance and carry a map of location.

– Finally, the enthusiasm, the desire to live new experiences and to live together in a different environment than usual, do not forget to take it with you!

The recommendations do not begin at the same moment of the journey, but long before.