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2019 Recommendation of Luxury Villas in Bali


Luxury Villas in Bali – There is one thing lose when you do not get the best Villa in Bali as your place of rest. Because, it is going to add your holiday impression. So travellers or tourists have to get the best villa for completing their traveling or tour. Luxury villa is type of villa giving the best impression in your holiday or tour. In this, you can lose your stress and bad mood.

Because, the luxury villa is going to be your private of rest place with many facilities for spending your holiday in Bali. The facilities can become you as king or queen in your vacation. This article gives some articles to share information about 11 Luxury Villas in Bali for tourists or travellers.

1. Frangipani Villas

Luxury Villas in Bali
Frangipani Villas

Private Villa with rice fields’ view is gotten by this villa, Frangipani villas. In addition, this villa type is three-stars. Every villa in here has beautiful private pool whose has infinity pool concept. Besides, the design of this villa is traditional home design using wood materials with the ancient and rustic décor theme.

So it adds impression of comfortable village in your vacation. So it means that you can feel good, comfortable and relax. This villa located at Melati II Street of Banjar Bindu in Mekarbuana Village. The location is only 25 minutes by Ngurah Rai (Bali) International Airport. The villa’s price starts from US $269.95 per night.

As in more, there are many comfortable facilities and services in indoor or outdoor for adults or kids guest. So, you can try this villa for spending your vacation time.

2. Atas Awan Village

Luxury Villas in Bali
Atas Awan Village

This villa is one of anti-mainstream villa because people rarely know about this villa. The location of this villa is so far by central city of Bali for the reason that the location is at Munduk Andong Kelod Street in Munduk Village. Munduk Village one of small village is near from Bedugul.

You can get the best nature view by the villa because of his villa is on the top of Munduk Hill. So it means that you can enjoy view of fields and vast estates in under. You can try to do trekking, riding cycle or walking in fields and vast estates. This villa uses eco-friendly concept with modern interior made by wood material. It adds to give nature atmosphere.

Besides, the villa is completed by good facilities for the guests. The price of this villa starts from US $75.54 until US $109.87 per night.

3. Bagus Agro Pelaga

Luxury Villas in Bali
Bagus Agro Pelaga

This villa give lodging of ecotourism with fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery. Because of it is going to add nature sensation in your swimming time of private pool. The design is traditional architecture using nature stylist. The property inspiration is from Tri Hita Karana containing many good meaning.

In addition you can enjoy agricultural land covering an area of 17 hectares. The land is one of the biggest agricultural land in Bali selling organic vegetables, fruits and flowers. The villa located at Raya Puncak Mangu Street in Pelaga Village. The price starts from US $116.74.

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4. The Chand’s Boutique Villa

Luxury Villas in Bali
The Chand’s Boutique Villa

The villa located in Batu Belig Beach is one of villa giving infinity private pool and gazebo overlooking the ocean. It is so recommended for honeymooners. Because you can spend and get many romantic moments here with your lover. The location is near with Seminyak Central and Oberoi Street.

Although this villa is near with city centre, but it is going to give you the best impression and atmosphere. Villa design is contemporary Balinese style completed with their own private pool and gazebo overlooking to the ocean combined with tropical garden style. The specific location is at Batu Belig Street Number 14 in south Kuta, Badung, and Bali. The price starts from US $140.36 per night.

5. Sun Island Suites

Luxury Villas in Bali
Sun Island Suites

This 4-star resort is one of villa in Uluwatu. This villa is strategic location from Udayana University. The design of this villa is modern and luxury style giving the charming views of the Indian Ocean by the villa. In addition, the private pool is in outdoor. So it means that the tourist can feel the ocean atmosphere when the tourist enjoy the private pool.

Many honeymooners spend their time here. Because the villa is very comfortable and high class. The specific location is at Raya Goa Gong Street, Bali. The price starts from US $132.81 per night.

6. Mick’s Place Of Bingin Beach

Luxury Villas in Bali
Mick’s Place Of Bingin Beach

This villa is location at Pantai Bingin Street in Pecatu. The style of this villa is Polynesia. So it makes the place becoming the one of the most beautiful place in Bali. The villa is favourite villa by the honeymooners. By the villa, tourist can enjoy private pool with sea view and tropical landscaped terraced gardens.

Besides, the tourist can go to the beach only 5 minutes by the villa. The tourist can snorkelling, diving, swimming in beach or private pool, sun terrace, and other activities. In addition, many facilities and services are given by the villa to the guest. The price starts from US $100 per night. Visiting here is going to give the tourist the best moments.

7. Sejuk Beach Villas

Luxury Villas in Bali
sejuk villas

When you want to enjoy two kinds of nature view, you can get in this villa. Sejuk beach villa give a view of the sea from their private pool with direct access to the beach and look at the beautiful green of the rice field. It is so excited, is not it. Besides, the tourist can enjoy waterfall directly from your bathroom.

This villa is very suitable for honeymooners or family because it is going to give beautiful moment by both of nature view by one place. The location is in Seseh beach in Munggu, Bali. The price starts form US $145.17 per night.

8. Rijasa Agung Resort & Villas

Luxury Villas in Bali
Rijasa Agung Resort & Villas

This villa built on the hillside is going to give sensation of swimming in private pool on the hillside. The hillside location is in Ubud. Besides, the tourist can enjoy Ayung River which has the most beautiful view and atmosphere. Not only getting nature atmosphere and view, but the tourist can get luxury facilities and services by the villa.

The tourist can get comfortable, serenity and peace feeling by this villa. There are many packets for honeymooners, family or group, so the tourist can choose the packet based on the necessary. The price starts from US $184.93 and the villa located at Br. Begawan in Melinggih Kelod village of Payangan, Bali.

9. Anahata Villas & Spa Resort

Luxury Villas in Bali
Anahata Villas & Spa Resort

The villa does not give a sea view, but different view which is rarely in Bali. It is tropic view and atmosphere. The tourist can feel atmosphere of tropic forest by this villa because the villa is near with Petanu River and surrounded by the lush forest. In here, tourist’s body and soul can feel relaxes, comfortable and peace. So it means that you can lose your stress totally.

In addition, you can enjoy cocktail, live music in Bar and Longue with forest view. Not only getting special facilities, but you can get chemistry with your lover. The price of this villa starts from $137.34 per night. The located at Banjar Umah Anyar in Ubud, Bali.

10. Sharma Springs Bamboo

Luxury Villas in Bali
Sharma Springs Bamboo

A villa using Bamboo architecture and interior with 5-starts services is built from sustainable building. This villa is interest because the unique material with unique model. Although using bamboo, but the property and villa are luxury style. Besides, the tourist can enjoy forest view and Ayung River.

In addition, many spots can become place for enjoying the nature from the villa. So, you can get different luxury sensation in this villa. The price starts from US $320 per night. The location is Tanah Ayu in Badung, Bali.

11. Ubud Padi Villas

Luxury Villas in Bali
ubud padi villas

The villa is on the suburb of Highlands. But, it is never problem because the villa gives the best atmosphere by rice field view. In addition, View of calming rice given by this villa can enjoy by private pool. Because the private pool fused with nature. Besides, you can do sunbathing with different moment.

Honeymoon packet is one of favourite packet in this villa. So honeymooners, it is very recommended for you. The villa located at Raya Lungsiakan Street in Kedewatan, Bali. The price starts from US $123.61 per night.

Written by Nur Lie


1001- Bali Villas With Private Pool [2019]

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